Saturday, February 26, 2011


Now is gonna be the forth week of being practical teacher. It is quite different culture, different level of students, and different staffworkers . However i will going to adapt to this surroundings.

I want to be the best teacher for my students. The best teacher for myself. Allah create us as the best creature. So, why dont we maximise our potential?

Challenge will become as my close friends. Trouble will become my life partner to be handled and solved. Life is like roller coaster. Sometimes we will be at the top, and sometimes we will be at the bottom. But we should accept what we are and what we get and just become grateful person either you are rich or not, you are pretty or not, you are smart or not. All of that are gift from Allah to His servants.
Allah knows the best for us. He gives us the things that we need. Not the stuffs that are not really useful for us. So, dont be jealous if you unable to talk bravely in front of the class,if you are unable to get excellent result, if you are not being appreciated for hardworks, if you are not unable to get your desire. Because Allah know the best thing that suit with our needs. Just a simple words to say here.

I wanna be an excellent person,and Prophet Muhammad s.a.w will be my guidance. Not just a teacher,but also ustazah that taught 2 in 1. Teacher's duty not just to convey the lesson content in class, but also outside of the class. Teach them adab during learning, remind them about ibadah, solat,sirah nabawiyah and also their akhlak towards every body. Why pupils dont know Saidatina Khadijah r.a, Saidatina Siti Aisyah r.a, Saidina Abu Bakar, Bilal Bin Rabah,Sultan Muhammad Al Fateh, and so many great persons in Islam? Because, we dont exposed them. How do they will know if the adults dont mention their names and tell them about their sirah. Tak Kenal Maka Tak Cinta. So, make them proud of our great persons, that bring Islam to us. As long they know the difficulty of Islam to be spread,so they will appreciate their lucky to be borned as muslim.

Bye for now. Hope I will be going well to teach the new subject:::English ma..Wahh,new challenge to be..=)

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  1. wah,bagusnya k.mizah..entry in English!! enjoy reading it =)